Commodities procurement and global trade

Founded in 1991, ARMEX is now one of the top strategic raw materials companies in the EU. As a key partner in the trade of strategic raw materials in the European market, we are driving development across infrastructure, hospitality and energy.

In recent years, ARMEX has been developing mining and sourcing operations as well as investments on five continents to secure continuous access to strategic natural resources, including the import of fossil fuels, raw metals, chemical raw materials, wood materials, agricultural raw materials, food products, solar panels, and related components.

Tanzania coal procurement and mining

Intention to develop close cooperation with local miners and to support financially and technically the expansion of the mining locations and the production volumes. Estimated offtake for 2022/2023 is 500,000-1,000,000 tons, with 20-50% increase annually in the following years.

We focus on social responsibility within the region developing local infrastructure, roads, and freshwater supplies (deep wells and water treatment plants). Moreover, we support local communities by building schools and hospitals.

Nigera LNG procurement

We seek to establish a close and long-lasting partnership with NLNG to develop continuous and stable flow of gas to Central and Eastern Europe. ARMEX supplies thousands of customers in Poland and Czech through Świnoujście LNG terminal in Poland and has a capacity to immediately procure any available spot cargos and to establish a long-term offtake agreement for any accessible volumes.